Sunday, August 8, 2010

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Like a tide that goes in and out, Philippine Travel feels that way sometimes. It doesn't matter whether you are taking a Philippines vacation or Philippines Tour, leaving is infinitely more emotional than arriving for most of us that travel to this South East Asian Pearl of Paradise. Each time that I land in the Philippines the excitement is palpable and my emotions run the gamut of longing to that of eagerness. Arriving is always filled with anticipation and as the days linger into weeks and weeks into months, the day comes to return to the country of my birth.

Sadness chases me as the day of departure haunts me like the sweat that baptizes you in the Mindanao heat. The long dusty and windy bus ride gave me plenty of time to reflect as to how is that I chose the Philippines out of some many countries in South East Asia and I was left with this indisputable truth that most foreign men will assert also.

There are younger women of legal age in great contrast, no only in sheer beauty, personalities, but also quantity compared to the many countries that most men migrate from to put "boots on the ground" in the lavishly splendid lands of the Philippines.

For anyone with a sense of wonderment or a taste of adventure, the Philippines massages not only the ego, but reinforces the average man's masculinity, with the frequent infectious smiles and the kind of attention that is rarely experienced in the homeland.

You can find everything that you are looking for in the Philippines, intelligence, substance and personality. You can even find the things you aren't seeking such as attitude, betrayal and rudeness. It's really up to the choices you make and your circumstances. I know that these are just partial reasons of why the Philippines is such a magnet for so men through out the world. The friendly people and the relative low cost of living if you watch your budget and the availability of quality medical care in the cities and the opportunity to pursue your dream, however you interpret that dream. I leave you with an excerpt from the Book of Curthom:

"I love the life I live and I live the life that I love and I believe everyone who inhabits this Earth, should try their best to live their dreams and even though you may have awaken to find your dreams unfulfilled, don't ever stop dreaming, just remember to share that dream with the person who warms your heart and you too will have warmth." Curthom

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