Saturday, July 3, 2010

Philippines House

Hotels in the Philippines run the gamut of cheap to expensive beyond belief and like many foreigners who chose to spend some part of the year or the entire year in the Philippines, choosing a comfortable and affordable house in the Philippines is essential to beating the high cost of being a foreigner in a country where there is widespread price discrimination.

Price discrimination is not the sole domain of the Philippines, but for the most part anywhere a foreigner travels throughout the East and South East Asia region. So, it helps if you have a trusted friend who can negotiate on your behalf for the essentials, otherwise look forward to paying a great deal more than you should for many things.

I settled on a Philippines house on the water, although mindful that it is now the raining and typhoon season, which is basically from June until about October of each year. Unlike living far from the coast and having to deal with large areas of land that has been completely deforested and having to deal with mudslides, here on the water, our constant look out is for the ever changing tide and high winds.

A place on stilts is idea because it protects you and your things from the swelling bay waters and the sometimes sudden ripples of water that comes in with the high winds. On a good day it is great for fishing right off your balcony or out in a small boat. This is the idea living arrangement for me during my stay in the Philippines and out of the many properties in the Philippines, it is my favorite no matter if I am staying in Luzon, Cebu, Mindanao or any of the other 7,000 plus islands. I leave you with a short excerpt from the Internationalist, Curthom.

"When I lost my way in life, my travels to the East and South East of Asia, exposed me to the philosophies of the East, which in part became my road map for life. A path as Ancient as time, but as fresh as that first step. Treking this path for half a century has given me to wisdom to know nothing and the ability to question everything!" Excerpt from The Book of Curthom.

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