Friday, August 1, 2008

Prepaid Wireless Broadband

Like so many who visit the Philippines frequently, there is the need to stay connected to family, friends, business associates and to do research while we are in Paradise and for some of us, we take our laptop and hope for a reliable connection at the place where we are staying and for those of us, who intend to stay or have extended stays over several months, the choice is a prepaid wireless Internet service from Smart Wireless.

Smart has a service called Smart Bro Broadband Internet, which feels the need for many of us. It is a prepaid wireless Internet that allows you to surf the Internet on your laptop or your desktop at home. The best part is there is no monthly recurring service fee, because it is a prepaid setup.

To get started, there is a P3800 charge upfront, and you get a free P100 load so you can start using the wireless Internet right away. You get a Smart Bro Broadband USB wireless card that you plug into your laptop or the back of our desktop and you're ready to log on to the Internet. You can reload your Smart Bro Prepaid Broadband Card at any Smart Load Outlet which are located all throughout the Philippines, so finding a place to reload your Smart Bro Broadband Card should never be a problem. You can reload for P10 and that will get you another 30 minutes of usage.

Imagine being able to surf the Internet pretty much wherever you get a Smart signal. You can't beat the convenience , it's a better rate per hour than many Internet Cafes, in spite of the initial equipment costs and you can't beat the comfort of surfing the Internet from your laptop, or desktop in your guesthouse, dormitory, home or bedroom. For more information you can go Smart's website, and type in the search, Smart Bro Broadband. Oh, for the record, the photo of my laptops are not using the Smart Bro Broadband USB Wireless Card, because I hadn't purchased their service at the time of the photo. My business associate was using Smart's Bro Broadband service and I didn't have my digital camera with me doing my visit with him. Until next time, happy cruising.
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