Saturday, July 12, 2008

Infinite Beauty

In my travels from North to South within the Philippines Island, I have come to accept one of many essential truths. If you come to the Philippines, you are certain to be amused, amazed and impressed with the warmth of the people and the moderate atmosphere that you find yourself. As overwhelming as it is sometimes, one truth is evident. Should you be fortunate to find someone whom shares your interest and is patient enough to explain things to you, only then will you come to know the genuine beauty all around you. I leave you with an excerpt from the writings of Curthom:

"Their is infinite beauty when one grows from within. It is from this inner strength
that gives us character that separates us from others and we call that, individuality.
We are attracted to each other because of this difference and when we fail to show a difference, we cease to be ourselves. If, we deny ourselves to ourselves, then whom are we?"
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