Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How To Meet A Filipina Worthy Of Your Heart

How far would you go to satisfy the yearnings of your heart? How far would you go to meet the person who makes your heart beat? The days of looking through an agency’s catalog and sponsoring a woman to be your wife is long gone. There are some that still exist, but often their female profiles are outdated. The reality of love today is going online to explore the possibilities available and when you feel comfortable, go to country where the woman who has caught your interest lives.

Many men who visit the Philippines for the first time fall in love with the people, the culture and the country and make as many trips back as their time permits. At some point within those visits, they fall in love along the way. Here are some tips on finding a Filipina who is worthy of your heart. Beauty is as common in the Philippines as rudeness is, in some overcrowded city anywhere in the world, so focus on the internal beauty rather than what is easy on your eyes.

Don’t be put off by the frequent times you encounter a Filipina who may not speak impeccable English. You will miss the gems in the rough, if you do. Many Filipinas speak broken English, but if you are patient and willing to spend time with them to understand them, you will often find the time is well spent. English is the language of education in the Philippines and depending on how much exposure a Filipina has to other speakers of English, will probably determine her willingness and proficiency at speaking and understanding English.

You will find out most often that the Filipina who you may have hesitated in communicating with because of her broken English, in actuality speaks several languages of the Philippines. Don’t be in a hurry to rush into any relationship with anyone in the Philippines as a general rule. Take your time and get to know the woman that you want to spend your life with and more than often that means getting to meet her family too.

The Philippines like many countries in East Asia and South East Asia has a fair number of women with degrees and advance college degrees. Which surprises many men from the West. You will find that direct confrontation or meeting a single and eligible Filipina is often discourage by Asian culture. Much of it has to do with “saving face,” or avoiding having to say no. In this respect it would be much more acceptable if a foreigner wishing to meet a worthy Filipina, introduce himself thru a Filipino or Filipina friend whose opinion he trusts.

There are more than a few Filipinas wishing to meet with a foreigner for a possible long term relationship and marriage, but only if, he has references or has been recommended by someone she trusts. You will note that while you’re in the Philippines, many people will ask you about your marital status and depending on how you answer, will often make an introduction on your behalf.

You might as well get used to texting, because many of the Filipinas that you will communicate with, will want to text in the beginning and maybe even after getting to know you. Texting is an inexpensive way for most Filipinas to communicate with you and even after they feel comfortable knowing you, will probably want to continue texting, due the relative expense of voice calls. We take it for granted here in the West or back in our home country, where communicating by voice is second nature to breathing. It helps if you have a mobile phone that has a QWERTY keyboard. You can usually pick one up new for under $150.00 at your favorite wireless store once you’re in the Philippines or off of eBay for under $100. Just make sure that it will work on the GSM standard of the Philippines, which is 900 and 1800 GSM.

In honesty if you have the time to spend in the Philippines in respect to a month or two or three, you can meet a really nice and deserving Filipina. The Philippines has an abundant labor supply and the competition for employment is so great that the likelihood of the cashier you met at the mall or one of the eateries you took your lunch in all certainty has at least a college degree. The number of available jobs are scarce in most parts of the Philippines that the employer can choose the most eligible and talented worker for their positions and the college degree is generally the measuring standard.
So, in essence you are surrounded by well-educated Filipinas everywhere you go, but you just might not realize it, if you are in a hurry all the time while there.

It’s important to understand that whomever you get with in the Philippines, that you two are on the same page when it comes to understanding one another and what you expect out of life. It is easy to get blindsided by the beauty and the kindness and miss out on what’s truly important and that is that you two are compatible with one another. Now there all sorts of definitions for compatibility, but it basically boils down to what she expects out of you and what you expect out of her. You don’t want to get with someone who says one thing and when you settle down with her, becomes someone that you don’t even know anymore.

You want to get with someone who is realistic about life and your life together and with most Filipinas, that means providing something for her family too. Agree on how much you two can contribute to her family and make sure that it is something that is well within your budget or you’re going to have problems down the road that could have been avoided.

The key fellows is not to get too hung up on a Filipina’s education or lack of education. Look for common sense and intelligence. If, a Filipina is truthful with you and takes time to explain things to you, thing consider her willingness to be understood as a good sign and attribute in a Filipina.

Be especially careful when meeting with any Filipina who starts to tell you about all the drama in her life, insinuating her hardships and how she is so into you and would like to hang out with you, but her needs to be met first. A woman who asks for money either directly or indirectly, probably isn’t the woman you’re looking for. There are some women who do things for money and your intention is not to fall in love with a woman who is over zealous about intimacy.

A decent Filipina is not going to spend any time alone with you without an escort that is generally a family member. There is a chance that the Filipina you are dealing with is not who you think if she is available anytime you call her, even though she’s told you that she has a job. If, she has phone calls at odd hours of your time with her and/or she tells you that she can spend all week with you, but she will need help paying for this or that, than she is probably not the one for you.

A decent Filipina may have one or two calls on her mobile phone, while you’re out on a date, especially if it’s beyond the time, she is supposed to be back home, so expect that. If, she can spend the night with you and she has no escort with her, then maybe, she doesn’t work and maybe, you’re just someone she’s taking the time out to be with, while you’re there, but what happens when you leave?

If, you haven’t met her family yet, or she doesn’t mention or talk about her family, that may be a sign that relations between her and her family are not going well. Don’t you think you should find out why, before investing your heart? Filipinas as a general rule are particularly close to their families, so to meet a Filipina who isn’t, is strange at the least and you should find out why?

Guys, what I’m saying is, take it slow. I know that loneliness will have you do otherwise and the time you spend in the Philippines you will want to take it easy and take your time. Don’t get caught up in the excitement of the beauty all around you. Look for the woman who has the qualities you are seeking, but most of all, make sure that the two of you understand one another, because if you get that wrong, there is going to be a lot of heartache for both of you in the future. You can find the Filipina who is worthy of your attention and everything that you two are seeking in life, but you’ve got to live one day at a time. Best wishes and enjoy yourselves along the way, with the person who warms your heart.

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