Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sending Money, Receiving Money To The Philippines

Sending money to the Philippines is just as easy as receiving money in the Philippines, if you keep a few tips in mind. First and foremost, besides the obvious of having money to send to the Philippines, you need to make sure that you the exact name of your friend or relative's name exactly as they have it on whatever identification they will be using to claim the money. If, you are sending money and your friend or relative doesn't have a valid identification card of some sort, then you'll need to advise them to copy the transaction number that you will be giving them, so that they may pick up the funds right away.

There are many choices for sending money abroad, if your friends and family are like mine, they prefer that I send money online by credit card, because it is generally the fastest, but also the most expensive option to send money. Over the last 30 plus years or so, I have used Western Union the most, but in recent years, I have elected to use a money transfer service many of you will be familiar with called, Xoom. Xoom is fast and reliable and costs on average about $6.00 to $7.00 less than sending a comparable amount by Western Union. It doesn't sound like much of a savings at first, but if you are sending money as often to the Philippines as most of my friends, then the savings are rather dramatic after a short period of sending money home.

Once your receiving party gets the transaction numbers that you will send to them or tell them by telephone, the money is ready to pick up just about anytime. You can go directly to any Banco de Oro (BDO) & Equitable PCI Bank anywhere in the Philippines and pick up your funds. Sending money to the Philippines have become even easier if you use a PayPal Card to send money by way of Xoom. Using Xoom, you can generally pick up your money in less than 45 minutes in the Metro Manila area.

Check your location, because Xoom has many 24 hours locations in the Philippines by forming a partnership with M. Lhuillier Shops. Not all M. Lhuillier Shops are twenty-four hour locations, but I'm sure that you can find one close enough to where you live, work or shop. I know that no matter if, I were in Zamboanga del Sur, Davao del Norte, Negros Oriental, Pampanga, or wherever in the Philippines. I was always within walking distance of a M. Lhuillier Shop, so in essence, I was always within getting money from Xoom. If, you don't feel like walking, you can even send money by Xoom from your home, using your checking account.

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