Friday, April 15, 2011

The Absence of Possessions

"The barrier that many find difficult to overcome is the attachment they have to their possessions. Many become possessed by the very possessions they have worked so hard to obtain, only to lose themselves in the illusion of the comfort that possessing something that devalues over time and along with it, the possession." Excerpt from The Book of Curthom

Since living here in the Philippines, I have come to accept the delicate balance between what you need and what you have. Oftentimes we think that we need more than what we already have only to be distracted by the attention the additional item in our life creates. It's amazing to me looking back in hindsight, how little is really needed in order to live a life of complex simplicity. As ironic as that may sound, it does take a degree of accepting your life as you imagine it to be to be at peace with yourself and the things that you don't have. Like many things in life, you will come to the middle ground within your understanding that all that you desire is not really necessary and that what you do have is more than enough, in fact so much, you share it with others. "Peace be with your understanding of the things you desire are not always your wants and that your needs are more than satisfied when you find yourself in the abundance of compassion."